APICS SCC大中华区重要人事变动

The below message is sent on behalf of Jim Lahey, Vice President, Global Channel Services of APICS.


We have an exciting update.  As you know, APICS SCC was formed through the 2014 merger between APICS and the Supply Chain Council.  APICS SCC maintains the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, the supply chain management community’s most widely accepted framework for evaluating and comparing supply chain activities and performance.


To meet the growing interest for the SCOR model in Greater China, I’m delighted to report that Vicky Koo of Vizilog Asia Ltd. will be helping APICS in the region by providing corporate advisory services as an Independent Advisory Associate to APICS.  


Vicky will provide advisory support to current and future APICS SCC corporate affiliates.  She will also help develop implementation support capabilities in the Asia Pacific region, connect companies to both APICS Channel Partners and headquarters resources, while maintaining a high standard for the APICS SCC brand.


As part of her support to APICS SCC in the region, Vicky will be tasked with helping to build the community of SCOR-P instructors in Greater China.  As such, Vicky will be the primary mentor to the SCOR-P instructor community for training support in Greater China.


Vicky will work with Heidy Chow, Regional Director, Channel Partner Services for Asia Pacific when APICS SCC corporate affiliates require support from channel partners. I am sure you will be pleased with her. We are looking forward to growing the APICS SCC community in the region together.

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