SCOR-P 供应链职业资格认证,将于2017年有进一步变化。
SCOR-P原定学习后6个月内考试周期将大幅度缩短至2个月。 即明年起,凡参加SCOR-P培训后必须在2个月内完成考试,否则将支付额外考试费用。
附:APICS SCOR-P考试规则变化原文

APICS  wanted to make everyone aware of a change to the SCOR-P program that will become effective in the new year (2017).
What will change?
As of January 2, 2017, all SCOR-P Authorizations to Test. (ATTs) will expire 2 months after issuance and will no longer have a 6-month expiration date.
Why will the SCOR-P Expiration date change?
Based on past candidate test behavior and exam pass rates, many candidates choose to take their exam within 2 months of their training course. Data also shows that candidates who take their exam within 2 months have a higher pass rate due to better retention of the information they learned during their SCOR-P class.
Is anything changing in 2016?
No.  It is important to note that ATTs issued to candidates who attend SCOR-P training in 2016, will still have a 6-month expiration. The 2-month expiration date will only apply to candidates who attend SCOR-P training after January 2, 2017.
We are confident that this change will help encourage candidates to schedule their exam and complete their SCOR-P endorsement.

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